A world where the illumination of global CSEA data accelerates action and shines the lights of protection and pathways to safety for all children.


  • To establish a world leading independent data institute that gathers and visualises the prevalence and nature of child sexual exploitation and abuse across the world via a Global Index and dashboard.
  • To create platforms that activate and make accessible that data to inform policy and drive sustainable, coordinated action to safeguard children across the world.
  • To be recognized as the leading independent authority for CSEA knowledge and a catalyst of enduring change.


We expect all Childlight staff and researchers to adhere to these core organisation and research values and to represent Childlight externally with these values.

  • We will be open, transparent and inclusive,
  • We will be representative of the global community,
  • We will act with the highest levels of integrity, treating people fairly and with respect,
  • We will report data without fear or favour,
  • We will follow the strategy (and the threat), not the money,
  • We will make the University of Edinburgh a global centre of excellence for tacking CSEA,
  • We will always act in the interests of children, and
  • Children can’t wait so we will act with speed, balancing the needs of research and action.